Shilajit Purified Powder

Shilajit Purified Powder

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Product Name: Shilajit Purified Powder (Mineral Pitch)

Natural source for all minerals required by the body

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Package: 8.11 oz, 230 gm

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Daily dosage of Shilajit should be less than 1 gram. Thus, 230 grams of Shilajit is approximately 8 months supply.

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Shilajit Purified Powder (Mineral Pitch) (Bulk Herb Powder) (Dietary Supplement)

Shilajit Purified (Mineral Pitch)

Other Names: Asphaltum, Mineral Pitch.

Shilajit Purified: Oozing powder natural source of minerals.

Note: This Shilajit is a highly purified extract ratio 7:1 contains not less than 3% Fulvic acid without any dilution.

Natural powerful Rejuvenator. Supports metabolism, bones, muscle, Kidneys, memory & immune system. Provides energy, stamina and vitality. As a unique body tonic revitalizes & optimizes many body functions.

The Sanskrit name of Shilajit means Rock Warrior. Shilajit is a natural source for all minerals required by the body. As per Ayurveda there is hardly any function of the body which is not supported by Shilajit. It has been used historically for nourishment and replenishment of the human body. As per traditional belief, Shilajit is aphrodisiac in nature if taken with warm milk. It is a natural support for renewing vitality & physical strength. It helps transport nutrients deep into the tissue & removes deep-seated toxins.

Shilajit is often used in combination with other specific plants to support the respiratory and genitourinary tract, reproductive organs, promotes rejuvenation and detoxification. It supports proper weight management as it helps distribute proper fat in the body.

It helps when the haemoglobin content of the body is lower than the normal range (because it is a good source of trace minerals).

It helps in the stiffness of the bones (due to its anti inflammatory property).

It aids in the irritated and itched bronchial chords.

Shilajit also purifies the blood and helps remove excess Kapha (water) and toxins from the tissues.

As an aphrodisiac, Shilajit increases virility and stamina while toning the reproductive organs and supporting their proper function.

Shilajit is an anti-oxidant and nutritive agent.

Shilajit is regarded as the toner for Cardiac function of the body.

Shilajit provides vitamins and minerals to the body.

Shilajit helps to maintain healthy blood sugar level which is already in normal limits.

Related info: Shilajit is obtained from rocks in the towering cliffs of the Himalayan Mountains formed about 50 million years ago. Dense vegetation, literally an entire rain forest, was trapped millions of tons of pressure which slowly turned into a rich Bio-active material to form the rarest nutrient rich substance found on earth known as Shilajit. Shilajit helps an aged person feel young by regaining strength and vitality.

Studies have shown that people of Himalayan region have a more healthy, long & active life due to Shilajit.

A natural original organic colloidal multi-mineral supplement collected in raw form & further purified.

Many companies are claiming that their Shilajit may contains 20% to 50% or more Fulvic acid (which is entirely based on judgments and without any scientific analysis) but in reality purified Shilajit extract does not contain more than 4% to 5% Fulvic acid in natural form.

To get guaranteed 50% Fulvic acid Extraction ratio may go beyond (100:1) which is beyond imagination.

Standard company having in house extraction facility in plant will not make such type of wrong claim. Until addition of Fulvic acid is done from outside source.

So there is difference between in the saying that.

Shilajit may contain 20% to 50% Fulvic acid content and guaranteed % of Fulvic acid.

To analyze the same we give them:

Standard Testing method of Fulvic acid in Shilajit:

Reagents and Solvents required:

Methyl Alcohol L.R. Grade

Ethyl Acetate L.R. Grade

Chloroform L.R. Grade

Activated carbon

0.1 N Naoh Solution


Glass ware required:

Soxhlet apparatus (200 ml. Capsule)

Dish evaporating

Beaker 250 ml

Separating funnel

50 ml Stopped Cylinder.

Procedure: Weigh accurately 10 gm of dry extract powder of raw material (20#) in round bottom flask. Add 50 ml. CHCL3 and reflex for 30 minutes. Discard chloroform layer. Add 50 ml of ethyl acetate to the residue and reflux for 30 minutes and discard the ethyl acetate layer. Add 50 ml. of Methyl alcohol and again reflux for 30 minutes and discard the Methyl alcohol layer. Take residue and dissolve it in 200 ml of 0.1N NaoH and shake thoroughly. Pass Nitrogen gas in this alkali solution for 5 - 6 minutes keep over night. Filter through what man no. 1 filter paper. Take filtrate and make it acidic up to pH 3 to 3.5 with (2N HCL take). Keep this solution for overnight. Add charcoal (3.5 gm charcoal) to this solution and reflux for 1 hour. Filter under vacuum. Take charcoal and dry up to complete removal of water. Suspend in 100 ml of ecetone and shake well. Heat for 15 and filter it in a tared petridish. Evaporate acetone and dry in oven up to constant weight.

Percentage of Fulvic acid (w/w) is calculated as:

Wt. of residue x 100

--------------------- = % of Fulvic acid w/w

Wt. of sample taken

This way we find out only 1Kg of highly potent and 2.5%-4% rich Fulvic acid Shilajit extract from 6Kg of the raw Shilajit powder and the rest is just a waste and is discarded.

Ancient in origin and pure beyond measure.

Helpful in enhancing vitality.

Helps to maintain healthy sugar level which is already within normal limits.

A general tonic and for a wide range of ailments, anemia, and excess fat.

It is a natural support for renewing vitality & physical strength.

It helps transport nutrients deep into the tissue & removes deep-seated toxins.

Smaller Dose 300 - 500 mg is recommended for long time use. If you are mixing with other herbs, use Shilajit proportionately or consult health care provider.

Daily dose of Shilajit should be taken less than 1 gm. This means this jar of Shilajit 230 gms is approximately more than 8 months supplement.

Precautions: Do not exceed each serving more than 500 mg. Children, Pregnant or Breast feeding woman or if you suffer from Hypoglycemia should use this product under a physician's care.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


The herbs used are A-grade, that are sorted, dedusted, (foreign matter is separated manually) washed in RO water, repeat washed in DM water, and are sun shadow dried under optimum conditions.

The dried herbs are pulverized at an optimum frequency suitable to retain its active principles and thereafter potentiated using in-house developed Bhavana-decoction of the same complete herb (Traditional ayurvedic system to fortify the herb) that decoction is added to the same herb and thereafter micro-pulverised to make them free flowing.

Bhavana-decoction method is based on Traditional Ayurvedic principle "Mardanam Gunvardhnam" means "Trituration increases the efficacy to many folds".

Note: The quality and part of the plant used are highly important in the manufacturing and processing of herbal powders. Certain parts are more potent than others.

The properties of single herb may differ from region to region. Ripening and timely harvesting are yet another important factor for the potency of any particular herb.

There are guidelines for collection of different herbs at different times and there is a particular span of time for collecting some particular herbs.

Naturally grown herbs are assumed to be more potent and effective than cultivated herbs because habitat plays an important role.

All related factors, including the above, are considered very carefully and thoroughly.

Wild crafted herb from their natural habitat without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives.

Quality, Purity is assured.

HerbsForever maintains the quality standards like purity, potency and freshness of its herbal dietary products by storing them in climate controlled, light controlled and atmosphere regulated storages. Thus, no chances of outside vermin and pests infestation.

GMP & ISO Certified Manufacturing Facility.

Note: Color, Taste, Aroma of the product may change from batch to batch.

Free consultation with Ayurvedic herbalist on how to use our products

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